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NE Mobile is very young and vibrant company established in 2009 and growing with a lightning speed. Powered by robust Japanese technology the company is a part of Nihon Enterprise Co. Limited, a company with more than two decades of experience in the mobile contents business. Nihon Enterprise is a listed company in Japan and has got a proven track record in the mobile technologies arena.The Company has six subsidiaries and one associated company.

NE Mobile operates in diversified business segments like providing of content and solutions for mobile devices and companies. In fact, NE Mobile, is recognized in the field as a pioneer in the digital publishing domain and also as one of the few companies that have given Bluetooth marketing the required push in the country. The Contents Services segment provides content, games and tools for cellular phone users. While the Solution segment provides consulting services and it is engaged in the planning, development, operation and management of mobile business. One of the mottos of the company is innovation and creativity and its following these ideals that the company has been developing mobile and web applications, that suit different needs.

Behind NE Mobile rapidly growing customer base, is its commitment to deliver the ultimate customer satisfaction through its services. In a very short span of time NE Mobile has earned the trust and respect of its clients. This would not have been possible without a brilliant leadership and strong management team, which includes stalwarts of the industry with long and rich experience of the field.


"I appreciate and value the thorough, professional, and flexible approach of your team."
Kato Akira

"I am very happy with the NE Mobile team. They made a very attractive website and helped me to change the new look and feel of my website. The e-commerce integration for online ticketing was very easy and user friendly which was done by them. I will strongly recommend their services for all web technology related work as one stop shop for all requirements"
Yan Bing

"We have found a fantastic team at NE Mobile with whom we can depend on to understand our Mobile app development. They do a beautiful job because they care about the relationship - they want to be kept in the mix, as an associate - and we place great value on that."
Isegami Hiroshi


Vision & Mission

Our vision is to deliver the best Mobile Solution Experience on any device on all major platforms...



Delivering quality solutions that compete with global standards to our clients...


The Team

We work closely together with a shared vision and common goal to always achieve the best...