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Now a Days, Content Management Systems(CMS) are the most popular solutions for web applications. A CMS helps you to manage easily future content updating to make a complete sense by providing better navigation, context, incoming and outgoing hyperlinks. Each company requires more content, customization speed for customers and for more media. They need to control their enterprise content and determine how to deliver their web content for their customers. Since your content is ever changing, our CMS solution gives you enough flexibility not for just today's needs, but also tomorrow's


  • It helps in publishing various types of content like Images, Tones, Games, Mono, it also has a provision to export content, publish on WAP/WEB and also helps in downloading bulk content.
  • Billing platform helps you to integrate all the stakeholders into a single robust but user friendly module.
  • CMS helps in pushing third part URL using Web Configuration Module it also supports various formats like XML, SMPP, CIMD, WAP Pushes and many more.

Reports and data play a very crucial role in any business. All kind of data especially customer related reports are preserved and analyzed to find the ways of continuously